Dine With A Dragon II – Robert Herjavec

Following a short retirement, Robert launched, The Herjavec Group, now recognized as Canada’s leading cyber security provider and one of the fastest growing companies in Canada. In a few short years, it grew from $400,000 in sales and three employees, to a run rate of over $80 million and over 100 employees. Robert’s celebrity has expanded with leading roles on Dragon’s Den (now in its 7th Season), the Number 1 television show on CBC, and the American hit show Shark Tank (now in its 2nd Season, produced by Mark Burnett Productions, Sony, Disney and ABC).

I was recently awarded a ticket to "Dine with A Dragon II" with Robert Herjavec. Thanks to a recommendation from, Helen Abel I was awarded a VIP Pass to meet Robert Herjavec at Brussels in Halifax. It was an awesome opportunity of networking, and having a once in a lifetime opportunity.

It was wonderful to be around like minded individials who were all interested in one thing, "Growing their business". It is amazing to feel the energy and enthusiam at these events!

After the tradeshow was over we made our way over to Brussels for the VIP event, where we spent some time connecting with Speedpro Imaging (Mary-Jane and Charlie Aubie), Anchor Imports (Karen Purves), among others. After some time networking Robert Herjavec arrived, and the frenzy commenced 🙂

People from the left and right were talking to Robert, trying to catch that 2 minute moment with him. I was able to sneak in and have my photo taken with him, and told him what I did. This was pretty cool...and a pretty awesome opportunity 🙂

Following the VIP event we went to the dinner, this was very well attended. We were positioned very close to the main table. So I was able to get quite a few pictures which I will be posting along with a video clip.

All in all I really enjoyed attending this event, and travelling down with amazing two of Annapolis Valley business movers and shakers, Helen Abel of Appreciative Coaching and Training, and Karen Purves of Anchor Imports.

Make sure you watch out for the next Halifax Entrepreneurship Expo! I will definately be attending again next year! Be sure to tune into Robert's newest show, "Shark Tank"!