Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Profiles

Adhere to Image Sizing Requirements on Social Networks

If your customer arrives on your Facebook Page and sees your profile picture as either too small for the space or out of focus, there’s a good chance they’ll develop a quick impression. Something to the tune of, “If they couldn’t get that right, what else will they get wrong?”

Here’s a helpful cheat sheet with dimensions for image sizes on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. Print it out and hang it over your desk.

Beef Up Your Site With Multiple Social Share Buttons

We don’t always have the benefit of knowing our customers’ preferences for sharing content.

Make it easy for customers to share your content where and how they want.

Provide multiple sharing options so that your customers who prefer Twitter can tweet, those who love Pinterest can pin and your customers who have an affinity for Facebook can share your article there, etc.

Create Leads For Upcoming Events

Just because people hear about your event on a social network doesn’t mean they know how to register or buy tickets.

Include easy-to-follow registration links when you promote your company events online.

Add Keyword-Rich Text on All Your Social Profiles

SEO and keywords aren’t a thing of the past. In fact, with search engines delivering social network profiles in their results, they’re more critical than ever.

Use a tool like Google’s Keyword Tool to make sure your business is associated with the right industry keyword!

Feature Unique Hashtags

Hashtags, words or phrases prefixed with the symbol #, provide a means for grouping messages. Hashtags work well for making your content or event stand out in the crowd.

Get Real on Social Networks

As your communities grow, it’s easy for customers to feel as though they’re lost in the crowd.

Go the extra step and use your fans’ names when you respond to their questions or comments on social networks.

Insert Your Company Name in Your Blog’s Title Tag and Meta Description

If your blog doesn’t contain your business name, people searching for you may not be able to find you.

Include your company name in the Title Tag and the Meta Description on your blog to eliminate any potential problems.

Quit Hiding Your Picture

Are you an egghead on Twitter? A bluehead on Google+? Faceless on Facebook and LinkedIn?

Think of it this way: You go out in public every day, introduce yourself to people you’ve just met and give them the benefit of associating a face to a name. That shouldn’t be any different on social networking sites.

Load your picture to the profile image on each of your social networks to help people recognize the public face of your business.

Tell Users About All of Your Social Presences

Don’t forget to update your website with icons and links for new social networks as you integrate them into your strategy.