Red Flags of Web Design Companies

red flags of design companies

So after my years in business I have come across some interesting methods of  business practice from various web designers and SEO "experts". Many times I am on the other end trying to retain ownership of my future client's website. After seeing this time and time again I have decided that it maybe fitting to write down a few big red flags to watch out for when hiring a developer or designer to work on your website.

My hope is that these few red flags will help in assisting you to pick the right developer or designer for your project.

1) Control of domain: Many web design companies will use the domain registration as a means to control their clients. They will give free domain registration as part of the service. Always ask to register the domain yourself. A web design company that tries to control the domain is a major red flag.

2) Control of ftp: Another form of control is ftp access. There are rare cases where web design company can’t provide this but for the most part ftp access should always be made available to the client. So ask for FTP access and see what the design company’s answer is.

3) Control of content: Many design companies want to control the content because it’s a means of repeat business for them. If you are hiring the design to manage your content it is fine, but are they are flexible to you making content changes or having another designer make changes. Some design companies make it virtually impossible to edit content without using their service. It is in these cases you should be very weary.

Please tell me what you think…if you are a designer or work for a web design company tell me about your company’s policies or best practices. If you are currently in this situation we would love to hear from you!