Brand Development

Need an Identity? We are here to help!

“The first step to brand success, no matter what the category of brand, is being able to establish a simple and meaningful point of difference that you’ll be able to embed in peoples’ minds, or make "sticky".”
– Allen Adamson, Managing Director Landor Associates and Author

Every business needs a brand – whether it’s a person, a logo, a product, an experience, or an emotion. All of them affect how people relate to your business.

The place to start is your logo – it may be the first impression you make on a potential customer. Do you have a logo? Is it helping or hurting your brand? Is it in a format that can be used for printing and design? If you’re not in love with your logo, or it’s not in the proper format, we can help you.

We’ll sit down with you to develop a logo and a brand that you love and can be proud of.

The Meeting

During our meeting we will begin with some introductory questions, by answering these questions you’ll help us to better understand your branding needs, and there’s no obligation. When we meet with you we will discuss where you will be using the logo, and some other design related questions. With every logo design, Murphy Design's will provide you with three proofs and unlimited changes on one choice. This lets us show you a variety of looks and font choices, so that you can be certain you are happy with the end product.

We look forward to hearing from you!

“A Brand is not a product or a promise or a feeling. It’s the sum of all the experiences you have with a company.”
– Amir Kassaei, Chief Creative Officer, DDB Global